Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Discovering on day 8 of 30 in week 7

First of all I must say that I am at the best place in my life! I can't seriously recall the last time I found my life in such a solid place. OK, so I don't have everything I want manifested as yet, but I'm sure living like it is, because I'm making daily decisions to walk, talk, see and live like what I'm reaching for is happening right now. Simply practicing my motto "Give my best, believe the best, expect the best and the best will come" and "it takes work, but it's worth it", has been tools that have helped me on this journey.

I do have days when my body and mind wants to dictate what I do; I used to give in, but have found that I have become stronger, so the tables have turned in a good way for me.This does not negate the fact that I still continue to face moments, when I have to dig my heels in and fight like anything to resist temptation, feelings of being overwhelmed, to fighting thoughts of self doubts. The more I overcome, the fight is weaker the next round; so it is beneficial for me to keep fighting cause I get stronger when I win.

Yes, building the muscle of the mind takes more work than losing BF!, but once you "get it" the sky's the limit as you find your potential and live your passion. (My personal opinion) As individuals we ultimately decide what battles to get involved in and what battles to walk away from. Fighting for your life is a battle we can't afford to walk away from!

After four days of intense workouts I opted to take today as a REST day instead of tomorrow; no pic posting today either. Back at it tomorrow and pics will be up! Time to hit my books...nite!


Anonymous said...

Diane, so awesome!! I made a post today about self-discipline and you are proving to yourself that you have it...keep at it, girl! You are winning the fight!!

Larry said...

What a great post today. I really like your motto. Thanks for the inspiration.