Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 69 of 120 and the start of a new week

A later post today because I arrived home way later than planned, but I was determined to get my upper body workout in, and did. Added 2 sets of 22FS and I'm done. I missed three days of working out and was more than happy to get to it this PM.
My goal for this week is to dig a bit deeper than I did last week in my cardio sessions, while maintaining lifting heavy with the weights.
Eating continues to be 110% complaint and I can safely say that I've found "the zone" in the area of eating clean. Cravings for all the wrong stuff isn't a factor, my mental state is in sync with my my nutritional plan and I'm very pleased about that.
OK, time to get my food for this week into containers - basically my menu looks like this:
Oatmeal - no sugar, or 1 toast with eggs/fresh organic veggie juice
Snacks - larabar/egg/1 serving fruit/oatmeal/protein shake
Lunches & dinners - veggies/protein/squash
Do your best today because tomorrow isn't promised to anyone! It can be done!

3 comments: said...

110% compliant - WOW!
p.s. I love Larabars. ;)

angienicholas said...

menu looks good. your looking good your rocking it. go girl. we will do this this week will rock. let's make it the second last full good week of the year Angie

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

thanks for your visit ladies - yes, Lilla, 110%, finally! I agree Angie, let's go strong to Christmas.