Sunday, January 4, 2009

The day before my next phase of my Journey towards leanness

The only time we should look back in our lives is to do so with the intent to learn something valuable, that could be used to help us in our present state. Looking back should never be done otherwise because it would be a waste of our time and energy. What benefit it is to you, if you only look back to feel pain and regret?
So, I spent the past 3 days looking back at my journey over the past 3 months - my journey towards leanness. Something happened to me during those 3 months that not just transformed my body, but foremost had a dynamic effect on my mental state. I returned from South America with a new perspective - I guess it did start prior to that, but this time it was so alive within my spirit that I could literally reach out and touch it in the physical realm - if that is at all possible, but you get my drift.
And so began the process of breaking free from a enslaved mindset by rewriting my own script.
It would be an understatement to say that I am ready for the next 40 days of this journey. I've never been more ready in my life to do this. Why? Because I've been allowed the pleasure of tasting the rewards and I know I have within me and around me all I need to finish this leg strong.
My plan is now on paper and in place for the next 6 weeks/40 days beginning tomorrow Jan 5th.
Here's a peek:
Nutritional plan - as always will continue to be squeaky clean; allowing 1 cheat meal per week (maybe)
Food consumption: oatmeal/eggs/whites/chicken/turkey/legumes/veggies/minimal fruit intake/brown rice/w.w. pasta/water/organic veggie juice.
Avoiding: process foods and sugars.
Workout plan - Week 1
Strength training 30 min 5 times per week
Abs: 3 times per week
Cardio: 45 min 4 times per week
*Rest days during this leg will vary from one to two days per week.
OK, remember folks it can be done and only you have the power to change the course of your life for the better, so do it!


angienicholas said...

sounds like a great plan I too start my the second half of my journey tomorrow and wanted to wish you the best of luck I know you will do great. Have an awesome week. And great post today Angie

juli gets happy said...

Diane, Happy New Year, your plans for 2009 sound fantastic and your torday's blog is just so positive and wise. I like your self-refelcetion. Juli

P.S.: I am happy that I eventually can make comments to your wonderful blog as I moved from blogger to WP. Blogger "blocked" me commenting on your site. :-(