Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Encouraged on Day 95 of 120

Sacrifices pays off every time. If you've made or are currently making sacrifice you know what I mean. Today I am closer to achieving my dream body than ever before and doing it in my 44th year. This simply tells me that age isn't a factor in reaching for any dream - be it fitness or a career change, or any other personal dream. It can be done.
As I give thought today about the changes not only in my body, but more so my mind and eating habits I realized that I had to make sacrifices to get here. Throughout my journey towards leanness, my greatest struggle was in the area of my eating habits. I always eat healthy and go for organic as much as possible, but found that my evenings were the battle zone. I had to overcome my snacking in the evenings and the sweet glass of red wine every other night.
However, since my visit to the Naturopath doctor, that has helped me tremendously to let go of certain foods, and create an appetite and appreciation for foods that aid in improving my body and organs, thus a much better functioning system.
I've found that I now have to force myself to splurge on a cheat meal because I simply do not crave anything that is not labeled healthy. I don't have a huge variety of foods, but what I am eating I actually love for two reasons - they're nutritional and they aid in burning fat off my body.
With that said, I'd like to encourage you to do what is right for you - the bottom line is getting your mind ready, introducing your body to the right foods that will be used as fuel to get you the results you desire, and hitting the weights and cardio.
OK, go to it, stop making excuses and do the right thing for you - it can be done.

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