Monday, January 26, 2009

Eye on the Prize 21 days out

This is my crunch time and base on what my workout schedule looks like for the next 21 days, I'm glad this past week was a easy workout week, though unplanned, because this last leg will be strong.
With 21 days out to complete my 120 days towards leanness my mind is geared up as I focus on the prize at hand.
This morning my alarm went off at 5 AM and I was up, dressed and hit the stairs for a 30 min cardio session. I must have been pumped because normally I'm only able to complete 4x22FS, but this morning I did 4.5x22FS.
This evening I'll be working on strength training for my upper - shoulders/biceps and triceps, then finish it off with 20 min of cardio.
Focus on the prize - we all need reminders ever so often to keep the "why" we do what we do in front of us, and doing so with the end result always in mind will enable us to achieve and sometimes surpass our goals. Granted, we can sometimes be easily distracted in this fast paced world, so keeping reminders in places where we can see them, and stay motivated would be extremely beneficial to our success.
So, keep your eye on the prize, stay the course and make progressive steps towards your finish line. Remember, it can be done.

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