Sunday, April 12, 2009

18 days out and a weak week

I'm 18 days out of my cutting phase and last week had got to have been my weakest week by far. Really can't place it - my eating wasn't a 100% compliant and neither was my exercise. I felt consuming sweets more than once my body felt it, it affected my psyche...and not exercising regularly didn't help any. It was a blah week for me in this area, but I learned that my body is no longer used to processing and enjoying refined foods liked it used to, and though the consumption wasn't huge, it was enough to affect my mental state too.
I've further learned that when we have days like this, we need to use our minds to fight - to pull on what we've applied with success and use that to fight to overcome the lazy attitude that seeks to get us back into the slums.
Anyhoo, enough about that - tomorrow begins a new day and it will mark my 18 days out to cutting. For the duration there will be no sugars or processed foods in my food intake; I'll be hitting the weights heavy and hard, and my cardio intense with Friday being my only rest day.
Sample workout:
Mon - Back, chest, abs and cardio/pm
Tue - AM/Cardio and PM/legs, biceps, shoulders and cardio
Wed - Cardio and Abs
Thurs - AM/Cardio and Back, chest, abs and cardio/pm
Fri - REST
Sat - AM/Cardio and PM/legs, biceps, shoulders and cardio
Sun - Cardio and Abs
Mon-Wed - NC
Thur - LC
Fri - HC
OK, remember it takes work, but it is worth it!

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