Sunday, April 26, 2009

A week out to my photo shoot

It seems like forever since I posted to this blog - life has been busier than usual and a bit more hectic than I would like. I guess it all comes down to the process of prioritizing and elimination. Discovered this morning that there's been a missing component in my life for the past month or so - "quiet time" or as some know and refer to it as "meditation time".
Yes, life at times can become quite crazy and doing, doing, and doing slowly takes the place of being, being, being. That unfortunately has been my down fall.

With the excitement of things happening, dream realized and doors opening I have given up the only thing that can center my soul and give me peace and direction in the midst of chaos - my quiet time in prayer and meditation.
So, this morning there I was working my way back into that place when I realized just how much stuff has been going on in my mind. It's like watching a movie on FFWD. So herein begins my adjustment - 15 min per day to shut myself off from everything and everyone to center and open up my soul to my maker and practice the art of being still and listening.

Well with that said, here are my final pics before my photo shoot which is scheduled for next Sunday.
I am excited - it's hard to put into words and express how elated and pumped I feel with the strong sense of reality that I have made it - successfully across my finish line, that my journey towards leanness is complete. However, not is time to keep moving as I set my sights on ways to keep challenging myself and inspire others. I have come to the conclusion through my own personal experience that once you get it in - meaning get it in your mind, in your spirit about "whatever" your goal or dream is, you're already half way to your finish line.
It can be done.


Michael said...

Congratulations on your awesome progress! It has been so wonderful to follow your progress!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Thanks my friend appreciate your support