Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You have to plant seeds to reap a harvest

Unexpected events prohibited me from posting and from getting a workout in - my eating continues to be excellent. Today it is leg, biceps and tri day plus cardio. Finally secure a web designer to build my site - once it is launched I will share the site address.
Spring is here finally and though it is still on the cooler side it is a beauty; the cherry blossoms adds to one of natures best way to welcome spring to Vancouver.
After doing some home work I am ready to get registered with ISSA to complete my CFT and SPN programs. Decided on this school because they are DECT and internationally certified.
Will tackle the CFT first then the SPN... combined I should complete them by year end.
Been speaking with a friend about sowing seed and tending to it to see growth...fruit. This principle applies to life - if you want a harvest, you have to plant a seed. If you want that seed to grow you have to water it and tend to have to sow time, patience, expectancy, vision energy into it and the harvest will come.
So, don't get dishearten and give up on your seed...tend to it and expect your will eventually come.'
It can be done.

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