Friday, June 26, 2009

Closing in on week three of cutting

Wow, this week sure whizzed by fast in my world. Did get a lot accomplished which is always a plus. Started my 4:15am rising which will run for the next 3 months to simply get into my day job earlier so that I can leave earlier to have more time to attend to my business and studies.

Since I’ve stopped consuming all complex carbohydrates after lunch I’ve found my sleeping (except for 1 day) to be much more restful and my energy level is on the increase. When I’m finished my workouts and despite the burn I still have energy to keep going.

I’m enjoying using the skipping rope – now up to skipping for 1 min without stopping unless the rope gets caught in my runners.
Today I’ll be tackling the hill for my lunges incorporated with cardio, and then finish it off with some shoulder and bicep work.
Pictures will be either uploaded on Saturday or Sunday.
Go for it…you can so do it!

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