Monday, June 8, 2009

The mind is a terrible thing to waste

The mind is a powerful tool that if trained correctly will empower us to achieve greatness, and it can also lead to our defeat. The mind is likened to a machine that will go with what it’s fed. Like our bodies – it reflects what we feed it. If we eat a lot of unhealthy carbs and sugars, we become sluggish and with continual abuse we’ll eventually pack on excess fat.

I’m a firm believer that when our minds are set, reprogram right into thinking, process and doing we will be successful in that particular area/s as we practice diligence, with patience.

It is now time to get this body of mine sculpted – yes, sculpted…I am beyond determined to not just feel my ABS under a layer of fat. I want to see them visible to the human eye and that’s my next fitness goal.
Today I’m meeting a Fitness Trainer, competitor and mentor Jenny Arnold in person – How exciting and timely is that? Very!
Jenny is an Aussie like Adam and she has quite the story to tell – a role model in Fitness for sure. Check out her site.
For now and remember to get to your destination you have to make some movement!

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