Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Time for the next level

I met Jenny Monday evening and she was full of energy – could be a combination of still flying high on her “World Fame” Calgary win; beating out women who were as young as 27. Could also be the fact that she recently opened her new studio, or she’s simply high on life. Whatever the reason she’s dynamite in her field and I was happy to meet her in person.

I got to the place where I felt I needed a bit of a push and some seasoned professional help to take my body to the next level, networking and mentorship. It was fate for our paths to cross at this time!
An hour later she’d measured me, evaluated my goals and had a program for 6 weeks out in hand for me. It isn’t going to be easy, but what I desire is worth the work, worth the temporary sacrifice. I intend to bring it home hard. I will have a sculpted body.
Next week is my first training session with her and I am a bit intimidated, but ready for the challenge.
Last night was full body strength training and sit-ups; I went heavy, pushed hard and 54 min later I was fried but completed the job and was pleased.
Today it’s cardio and sit-ups.

Remember, to get where you want to you have to move – though positive thinking is important and has its place that alone will not get you the results you need. You have to move, take action and only then the results will manifest. OK, get moving then!

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