Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One week recap

Ok, so I successfully completed my 1st week of cutting on Jenny Arnold’s program – despite cravings and temptations I stuck with the plan at hand and have a great feeling of accomplishment.
Temporary sacrifices for long term gain…my eye on the prize.
Though I was away for one night I made sure all my meals were packed and though it was BBQ time with friends at the beach I stayed the course.
I continue to push it with my workouts, and looking to find new ways to constantly mix things up.
As I move into week 2 my BF has reduced, I have more energy and sleeping much better at night. Maybe eliminating all forms of carbohydrates has additional benefits besides fat loss.
Today is a well deserved rest day – I didn’t get to taking pictures this AM I didn’t have enough time. Will do and upload tomorrow
For now…stay the course, dig deep when you have to, but whatever you do – don’t quit, it can be done!

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