Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Benefits of Stair Climbing

I'm back into my FS "flights of stair climbing" and loving it! Noted, any workout I engage in I have to be into or else I don't give it my all, so if you're looking to become involved in a new type of workout, please, please find something that you'll enjoy. Granted most workouts if done correctly is beneficial, but finding one that you particularly enjoy is a must. Why? you'll commit to doing it minus the "I have to attitude" but rather "I get to attitude" and look forward to doing it and not to mention the benefits...multiple benefits you'll get.
Today, we're all about the stairs - if you live in a high rise or close to a stadium that has accessible stairs, then give it a try for 1 week - doing it 3 times per week for 15-30 min session. Depending on your current cardiovascular state you could push for 30 min or more. If you haven't been active, then go for no more than 15 mins per session.

Benefits of stair climbing:

  • gives you an amazing cardio workout and burn fat.
  • works the quads, hamstring and calves - build muscle
  • works the obliques - reduce BF
  • works triceps, biceps and upper back - in reaching up when taking 2-3 steps at a time and downward descent of 2 stairs at a time - build muscle
  • avoid pollution and have some peace and quiet except for the sound of your breathing:)

Sample of my stair climbing this PM- 30 min=6 flights 1 flight=22 levels x 14 steps per level. my goal is decrease my time to complete 6 flights or increase the amount of stairs within the same time/30 min.

So go ahead, set a challenge for yourself and get moving. It can be done!

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