Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best time to workout - hit it!

We've all read articles on what is presumed to be the "best time" to workout. I have found that it is all about an "individual" choice and what fits in your specific schedule. The bottom line is that you get your workout in, give it your best and walk away elated that you didn't make any excuses to not do it, and you didn't do it half-hearted.

I've found that morning works best for me to get in either a cardio or strength training session - I've workout in the afternoon/evenings and have discovered that I give more, get more, and have more energy, being more alert, and more focused throughout the day when I hit it in the AM.
My workouts in the evenings were lacking the push, the power, and well...lack energy that was dispensed during the day.
Granted, I have to make the sacrifice to rise 30-45 min earlier to workout, but once I prepare my mind the night before by activating the power of visualization by walking through what muscle/s I'll be working and what type of exercise/s that will be used, I am pumped, so the morning of the execution I am all fired up to hit it.
So, find the best time that works for you and work it!

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