Friday, November 6, 2009

What we Feed Grows-stop the cycle

It is a no brainer but how many of us seems to be oblivious to this simple truth. It is what generates life or death in any form - what we feed grows and what don't feed eventually dies. So, if something is going on in my life that I don't like - as in what I have control over, my thoughts, my actions etc then my solution to rectifying this is to screechhhhhhhhh!!! Put a stop to feeding those thoughts, doing those things, hanging around those people, listening to such and watching such.
Easy enough? appears that way but why is it we sometimes stumble around clueless? For me it comes to becoming caught up in the moment of my self indulged frustration, pain, hurt or confusion.
Maybe I needed to find myself in this place again to remind myself that I have control over certain things in my life and what I feed will grow - so as I began to feed my mind and surround myself with what stirs me, stokes my fire, light my flame and empower me I become alive in the realm of the areas that needed a lift, a positive change. It's like blowing the dust off a good book, making a nice hot cup of your favorite beverage, turning on the fire place, and snuggling down to an enjoyable read. Ahhhh! now that feels good!
Bottom line - if you don't like what's growing, stop feeding it and instead feed what you do what to grow...the things that will be beneficial to you and those around you in a healthy way.
It can be done!

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