Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Joining the 30 day challenge/Day 1

Alright, I'm usually up for a challenge and after reading Aussie Mike's post I quickly went to Deb's http://coffeetalk-canwetalk.blogspot.com/ and gotta love this lady...always on the ball and putting things out there to keep this journey towards leanness upbeat and cranked. She truly doesn't miss a beat!
Alright for the next 30 days here's my thing:
To reduce my BF by 4% - currently sits at 19%
To abstain from all form of desserts.
To stop eating by 7pm PST.
Thanks again Deb!


www.kalililla.com said...

Good Plan Diane! Seems like alot of shredders are renewing their commitment. We can do this together!

Michael said...

Nice job, Diane!

Shari Kraft said...

I love your "thing"! I'm sure you'll do great!